Waterford® Crystal: New Waterford

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Waterford 2014 Artisan Rose Bowl Waterford Cassidy 10 Waterford Cassidy 10
Waterford Classic Lismore 9 oz Tumbler, Set of 4 Waterford Elysian 6 Waterford Elysian Amethyst Brandy Glass, Pair
Waterford Elysian Amethyst Champagne Coupe, Pair Waterford Elysian Brandy Glass (Clear), Pair Waterford Elysian Champagne Coupe (Clear), Pair
Waterford Elysian Decanter Waterford Elysian Flute (Clear), Pair Waterford Elysian Ice Bucket
Waterford Espirit Stemware Waterford Evolution Agate 9.5 Waterford Evolution Celestial 11
Waterford Evolution Celestial 11.5 Waterford Evolution Celestial 12 Waterford Evolution Celestial 18
Waterford Evolution Celestial 19 Waterford Evolution Celestial Paperweight Waterford Fleurology Cleo 12
Waterford Fleurology Cleo 4 Waterford Fleurology Cleo 4 Waterford Fleurology Cleo 4
Waterford Fleurology Cleo 8 Waterford Fleurology Cleo 8 Waterford Fleurology Kylie 12
Waterford Fleurology Kylie 8 Waterford Fleurology Tina 12 Waterford Fleurology Tina 16

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