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Waterford Colleen Bowls


Waterford Colleen Bowls feature classic Colleen pattern crystal cuts, characterized by an ornate pattern of intersecting and broad vertical cuts, accentuating the brilliant clarity of fine crystal. Colleen, from Irish words that mean "young girl" is a departure from the continuous designs of Lismore and Alana. A row of tall ovals dominates each Colleen piece. The bases of the ovals rest on a band of cut glass that is similar to the Alana pattern. Waterford Crystal Colleen Bowls are packaged in a Waterford box. Hand wash only.
Waterford Colleen Bowls
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Click To Zoom Waterford Colleen 60th Anniversary 8" Bowl
8" W x 4.25" H
Item 160987; UPC 024258519220
Click To Zoom Waterford Colleen 60th Anniversary 9" Cobalt Bowl
9" W x 4.25" H
Item 160989; UPC 024258519244
Click To Zoom Waterford Crystal Colleen Footed Centerpiece Bowl
9 1/4" d x 7 3/4" h, base 6" d
Item 146526; UPC 024258437395
Click To Zoom Waterford Crystal Colleen 60th Anniversary Footed Centerpiece Bowl
12" W x 6" H
Item 161676; UPC 024258519008
Click To Zoom House of Waterford Crystal Colleen 60th Anniversary 12" Ruby Rose Bowl
Item 161930; UPC 024258519602

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