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Steve Cozzolino is based in New York City at Cozzolino Studios, the focus of which is the fusion of art and science - the synergy of form and function, poetry and technology, appearance and performance. The beauty of Steve Cozzolino's design work is creating memorable experiences that engage the senses through fluid and sensual form, treating everyday objects as unique sculptural art and fashion for the table top.

Steve Cozzolino earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Industrial Design from the University of Notre Dame and established Cozzolino Studio in 2006. Steve has been published in Fortune Magazine's "Top 25 Products of the Year" in 2003, ID Magazine, won ID Magazine's "Design Distinction", the "Good Design" Award, Appliance Magazine's "Best of", and has received numerous design patents.
Steve Cozzolino

Nambe Bella  Chip & Dip Server Nambe Bella Condiment Bowl Nambe Bella Frames - 4x6, 5x7 & 8x10
Nambe Bella Platter, 18
Nambe Bella Platter, 18"
Price $195.00
Nambe Bella Triple Condiment Server Nambe Bella Wood Handled Tray
Nambe Carve and Serve Station Nambe Chirp Kettle
Nambe Chirp Kettle
Price $135.00
Nambe Cradle Pasta Bowl
Nambe Cradle Pasta Bowl
Price $225.00
Nambe Cradle Salt & Pepper Shaker Nambe Curvo Colander
Nambe Curvo Colander
Price $89.00
Nambe Curvo Tongs, Spatulas & Other Kitchen Accessories
Nambe Curvo Wine Rack
Nambe Curvo Wine Rack
Price $175.00
Nambe Flight Thermal Carafe Nambe Jazz Kettle
Nambe Jazz Kettle
Price $135.00
Nambe Pebble Handled Tray Nambe Sesso Salt and Pepper Shaker Set Nambe Triple Condiment Server
Nambe Tulip Tool Jug with Tools Nambe Twist Bud Vase with Orchid  

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