Nambe: Nambe Metal: Nambe Metal Candlesticks & Votives

Nambe Aquila Candlesticks, Pair Nambe Bella Pillar Candlesticks
Nambe Bella Pillar Candlesticks
Starting at $75.00
Nambe Bella Taper Candlesticks, Pairs
Nambe Braid Candle Jar
Nambe Braid Candle Jar
Price $65.00
Nambe Copper Canyon Votive Nambe Globe Candlesticks
Nambe Globe Candlesticks
Price $125.00
Nambe Menorah
Nambe Menorah
Price $160.00
Nambe Sabbath Candlesticks Pair Nambe Tri-corner Candlesticks, Pair
Nambe Twist Candlesticks, Pairs Nambe Polish Kit
Nambe Polish Kit
Price $15.00

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