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At Best Crystal, we strive for excellent customer service. We have received so many appreciative comments about our service that we decided to share some of them. Thank all of you who have taken the time to write and call. We appreciate your feedback and your business. We will keep working hard to provide Best Crystal customers with the best customer service.

Thank you!  The glasses have arrived in one piece, and they are beautiful.  We very much appreciate how quickly you responded to our problem.   Best wishes for a happy new year.
Kathleen C.

Thanks for making the resolution of this issue so easy.  I'll toss the glass and keep an eye out for the replacement.  Please let me know if you need any additional information from me.  Happy New Year!
Amy H.

I had ordered from you the Nambe chip and dip set for my boss for Christmas.  When I received it, I was not pleased with the wood plate in the set.  I called you and the young lady who spoke with me was very gracious and understanding.   She put me on hold (very briefly) and found out you did not have another in stock so she called the Nambe company.  They had another one in the mail even before we hung up.  I received the package on time to present it to my boss before Christmas.  Now, this is fantastic service and kudos to the young lady who was so pleasant to deal with.   Thank you and a Happy New Year to all of you, 
Debra M.

I recently placed an order for a pair of Waterford wine hocks and a Lismore wine goblet.  Never having used your site before, I called the 866# in order to ask a question.  The person who I spoke with was very courteous and helpful.  My order arrived shortly after it was placed.  I will certainly tell my friends and place orders with you in the future.
Ann H.

I would like to commend your service employee, for the fine service I received. She spent a lot of time researching my problem and always did it in a friendly, professional and customer-oriented manner.  She was a pleasure to work with. Please thank her for her excellent service.  Sincerely,
Peter M.

Thanks for being a great company - great service, beautiful gift - we really had a positive experience!
Jeanne M.

Just wanted to let you know that the Waterford Ornament made it safely to Accident, MD.  I was surprised at how fast it arrived since I used ground shipping, and the rotten weather between here and there!!!  I will always keep Best Crystal in mind for my wife's annual Waterford Ornament.  Again, Thanks!!!
Lynn P.

Thanks for good service.  I always like to deal with you. 
Mary Ann F.

Thank you for keeping me informed.  This is the first time I have ordered from Best Crystal. Based on your email and a prior conversation with Grace I must say I am very impressed. I will recommend doing business with you any time the opportunity arises.  Thanks again
Bernie C.

Thank you very much for your reply.  I was able to find the item elsewhere, but because of your prompt and courteous reply to my e-mail, I am sure that I will do business with you in the future.  Thank you,
Ken T.

I just wanted to send a quick "thanks" for making things so simple & complete on your website.  I have been shopping for a fountain pen for my father for a couple of months and the process had been much more difficult that it should have been.  You provided great product descriptions, an easy free shipping policy, and quick & simple checkout.   I was actually just ready to order from another company when I noticed your pen/refill packages.  That saved me a huge headache (I couldn't even find the refills on the other site)!  I've been working in online marketing for several sites over the past 10 years and it's always refreshing to see someone doing it right!  This was one of the best experiences I've had on the web.  Thanks,
Heather F.

I received my order (which I inspected and found to be in perfect condition) via UPS today.  I wish to 'Thank You' (and Mr. John McGrath) for the beautifully engraved martini glasses and for wrapping the items in the paper and color bow I requested!  I'm certain my daughter and son-in-law will cherish these items once they unwrap the box on Christmas Day!  I was greatly impressed by your web-site, your e-mail in regards to my updated requests, and for the 'tracking of the order' by the Quantum View e-mail!  I will certainly do business with you in the future.  Thanks again and have a Happy Holiday season!
Gary S.

Thank you for adding a second flute to my order.  I was in the shower after placing my order and realized I didn't put an "order number" on my request for change.  Anyway, I am pleased YOU knew what you were doing.  Thank you again. 
Gail B.

My wife and I want to thank you for getting the Waterford Ballet Ribbon Gravy Boat shipped to us.  It arrived today and we know it will be a hit with our daughter in law at Christmas.  Thank you,
Richard H.

Thank you for your quick response to my request.  This is the first time that I have dealt with your company and I am extremely pleased. 
Marcia P.

Thank you!  I've been trying to order these place settings for over a month now and you are the first web-site to not cancel my order.  Thank you for the update.  I am willing to wait as long as it takes.  Thanks again,
Sheree M.

Thank you for your response and the information. I placed an order last night online for 2 of the above referenced crystal.  As stated in my earlier email, the crystal is for my daughter's Christmas so I would appreciate all your efforts to get it to her by Christmas.  Thank you so much and Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas!  Thank you for all your help and the great service you guys provide.
Ginny G.

Thank you for getting back to me.  I appreciate your effort on this.  I'm glad to know about your website and plan to access it in the future.  Again, I know this was a little item-of little consequence to you-but I will spread the word about your business and I appreciate your kindness.  Until next time,
Bowie R.

Thank you soooooo much.  I can hardly wait to see these on the Christmas table.   Brava! 
Audrey L.

Hello Lisa, I don’t know if you remember our conversation about a month ago about my comparative shopping between Best Crystal and [a competitor]; I have given the consumer satisfaction benefits of Best Crystal a lot of thought. Your reply to my best price email and our phone conversation were a very positive representative of Best Crystal.  I do a lot of lobbying for small businesses heralding the benefits of superior customer service, at times resulting in higher prices. The customer service I received with my order from Best Crystal last Christmas was reminded to me by you in a very professional manner and you offered an impressive discount in an effort to keep my business. Imagine my personal reflection when I realized I was making a hypocrite of myself! :) To make a long email short I purchased my Waterford stemware from Best Crystal this morning and the company has you to thank for retaining my business. If I knew your supervisor I would have email him/her directly to personally let them know how valuable your services are. I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving and may your sales go well.  Best Regards,
Joe J.

Thank you very much.  I have been collecting Waterford ornaments since 1979 so I know that they can sell out quickly and that they are rarely discounted.  I appreciate you helping me out! I am looking for discounts on all my shopping this Christmas.  Gas prices are killing me as they are everyone else.  I just placed my order online.  Happy Holidays,
Judy N.
P.S.  I was born and raised in Vancouver WA and have family in Bellevue and Wenatchee.  I live in Texas now and miss the Northwest.  I may visit your showroom next time I am up there!  Thanks again!

Thank you so much for the quick response!!  Hope you all have a fabulous day!!!
Jenna C.

Thank you very much for all the information you provided, and for providing it so promptly.  Again, thanks for your help. I will certainly keep Best Crystal in mind for my future tableware needs.
Mary S.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.  You provide wonderful service for a beautiful product.  I would not think of looking elsewhere!  Thank you for this good news.
Philip C.

Thank you for the response.  Yes, the order was to Christopher, my fiancé.  I really appreciate the professional way this is handled - you are really making it easy for me.  Thanks,
Sara B.

Yes, that's perfect! Thanks so much for the accommodating service and prompt reply.  I would appreciate your help with this matter. 
Barbara W.

My niece in Austin received her wedding gift in perfect condition and very quickly.  She was thrilled to the point of tears.  Thank you for your GREAT service, and for helping me do something really special for someone who is very important to me.
Lee R.

I really appreciate your trusting my word and sending me the s&p shakers. I will definitely shop with you again.
Bridget C.

I received my order on the second day and they are beautiful!  It was a pleasure doing business with Best Crystal.  Thank you,
Nancy R.

Thanks so much for your phone call and e-mail regarding the Waterford ornaments.  Sorry to have missed you – had a business trip yesterday. I have scheduled a block of time Friday afternoon to work on this project and think it best to use your online system.  The ordering process on your site is pretty simple.  Thank you very much for your help – once again you have made my shopping experience with you most enjoyable.  Beautiful products and wonderful service can’t be beat!
Penny U.

Thanks very much for your fast message, and for the information.
Ermelinda H.

Thank you very much for your follow through.  I appreciate your attention to detail and I will just continue to wait patiently.  Best regards,
Leslie M.

I love your website.  Very easy to use.  Plus, your merchandise selection is terrific, not to mention the free shipping and gift wrap.  I will shop here often.  Thank you!  
Diane C.

Thanks for the excellent product and superior customer service. When UPS was unable to deliver the purchase on the date indicated by the tracking number, it was your customer service (not UPS...too big for personalized service?) that contacted me via home phone to advise that there was a problem. While the problem may or may not have been UPS; it was you that made the extra effort to ensure me that the product would be delivered and additional info given to UPS with a call to the receiver made if necessary. Thanks for the 'extra' effort. It will be remembered in the future.
Russell G.

Thank you very much for the great service we have received.
Lynn C.

I really appreciate it.  I’m impressed by your timeliness and effort to work with me and get this shipped out today.  Keep up the great work!
Molly W.

Just want to let you know that I appreciate your great service and even though the soup plate won't be coming until December, the kids were thrilled!  As a matter of fact, my mom just ordered 2 settings from you to give them an extra surprise.  We will definitely tell people about your store and look forward to dealing with you again.  Thank you,
Shelley W.

Wow, thanks a lot for telling me about the back order situation…  I had heard that before.  I also appreciate your telling me that the boxes are in good order.  This is not for me, but for one of our employees for Christmas.  Thanks so much!
Jolene B.

Thank you very much for checking on this for me. If I ever have another chandelier disaster (and I sincerely hope it doesn't happen), I will check with your company since your service is superior to the one where I placed my original order. Thanks again for your help,
Susan W.

Thank you for your prompt response.  I appreciate your help.
Amy G.

Wonderful!  You have really been of great service to me!  Many thanks, 
Ellen T.

Thank you for the update.  Thank you for your excellent customer service.
Nancy J.

Thank you for your attention and excellent communication on this and all of my orders.  I did receive the two drops and truly appreciate your understanding.
Sanford S.

Thanks so much for your prompt reply!  We will recommend you to our friends as well, and be sure to purchase from you again in the future.  Thank you!
Megan R.

Thank you for the update - glad to hear it will be received and shipped quickly!  I love your service!
Mary T.

Thanks so much for excellent service. Our order arrived on time and in perfect condition. Will recommend your company to all my friends for best price and best service.
Rita W.

Thanks for so quick a response - you are a wonderful company!!!!  Again, thanks - I appreciate your keeping me informed.
Peg R.

I want to commend you for your OUTSTANDING customer relations!!!  I am SO impressed with the diligence you show in following the developments of my order.  Not only have I received this email, but earlier I had phone calls from your personnel wanting to make sure that you were fulfilling my wishes for this order.   Again, I appreciate your attention to my order!  I only wish that I had discovered you years ago!
Cathy A.

I have been extremely pleased with the service I have received from your company.  I have recommended your site to family and friends.  Thank you for your quick replies and clear concise information and return instructions.  Thank you again for the exceptional service!
Sandra H.

Thank you- I am very impressed with Best Crystal's customer service!
Sandy P.

Thank you for the clarification.  Great customer service!
Sandy P.

Thank you very much for this update – I really appreciate your attention to service!
Jim R.

Thanks so much, your service was the best!! I will highly recommend your website to all of my friends.
Kathy B.

Please send me the Lismore fixture in antique brass.  I think I like it even better than what I originally ordered! Thank you so much for your speedy answer to my problem, you are the best!  (That’s why you work for Best Crystal)  Enjoy the weekend.
Mimi H.

Terrific!  Yes, you probably spoke with Stephanie yesterday.  Appreciate your help getting this package out to us.  Thanks very much, I will look for the UPS confirm email!
Jason H.

The bowls and vases are here!! They are great and now, I don't have to worry about the tournament awards thanks to you!
Suzanne T.

Thank you!  It was truly a pleasure doing business with you and I will keep your company in mind for future purchases.  I was delighted with your wonderful phone service!
Marylou H.

Thank you very much for your quick reply.  I appreciate the information and I look forward to hearing from you tomorrow regarding the Waterford clock.  Thanks again for such good customer service.  It can be hard to find these days!
Kathy R

To Best Crystal Manager or Supervisor,
Thank you for your prompt and kind service. I spoke with one of the members of your staff, Erica (my apologies for possible name misspelling) who was very sweet and attentive to my requests. She was patient and helpful despite my own lack of organization. All of your staff that I have spoken with are always professional and friendly.  Keep up the great service, I will definitely be coming back to Best Crystal.  Thanks again,
Randy C.

Thank you so much for the replacement plate.  Your speedy and pleasant response is very unusual in the industry these days and I appreciate it very much.  Thank you,    
Arthur W.

Thank you so much for your prompt reply and excellent customer service.   I will shop with you in the future.
Marianna S.

Thanks for informing me of the status on the Seahorse Biscuit Barrel. I've been collecting Waterford Biscuit Barrels since the 1970's, so I'm anxious to see what this one looks like! Thank you for your courtesy.
Eileen G.

I appreciate your suggestion about emailing pictures of MY broken piece of Waterford that I'm trying to replace.  Wanted to let you know I'm working on it ~ will take some time to find someone with a digital to download pictures for emailing.  I've been searching for a long time; even recall emailing directly to Waterford but felt that inquiry simply "went into the black hole"....THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HELPING ME FIND A RESOLUTION.
Kathlene P.

Thanks so much for your help on this one.  I wanted to add to her set and couldn't for the life of me remember which set I had started.  It is always such a pleasure to do business with Best Crystal.  I have placed the order.  Thanks again,
Sherrie S.

Thank you so much, and thank you for expediting the shipment, so it will arrive before the wedding next week!
Anne M.

Thank you!  It arrived and is gorgeous. It was a pleasure to deal with your firm.
Stephanie K.

Never mind!!!  All is well and it is gorgeous.  Please pass this on to the incredibly helpful Lisa. Thanks!!  
Elizabeth C.

I just wanted to tell you how happy and satisfied we were with the service you provided. When we got married almost 3 years ago, we received 2 gifts from family members purchased at Best Crystal. We kept the vase, but decided the bowl was impractical for us, so we returned it for credit. This year we were invited to the wedding of 2 friends… They were really delighted with the 5 x 7 Marquis photo frame and naturally planned to use it for one of their wedding photos.

Every time I contacted Best Crystal - for the initial return, my later inquiry about our unused credit, and our decision to buy our friends a gift, I found your customer service to be friendly, helpful and knowledgeable ... We are also very happy with your return & credit policy. We've been satisfied with everything - your website, the packaging and the timeliness of delivery. We will not hesitate to recommend Best Crystal to others, should the opportunity arise. Thank you so much.
Mary Kay & Jorge B.

I would like to thank you for the great service that I received when ordering a set of Waterford champagne flutes for my daughter's wedding.  I forgot to include her apartment number on the order and was contacted by a member of your staff when the item could not be delivered by UPS.  She corrected my mistake and my daughter received her flutes the next day!  She said that the package was beautifully wrapped!  It was a pleasure to deal with your company and you can be assured that any Waterford purchase that I make in the future will be with your company.  Thank you again.
Anne H.

Thank you so much for sending me the set of glasses, they arrived yesterday and were a great success.  Thanks again for your help with this matter. 
Rosemary H.

Thank you again, it has been a pleasure to do business with you... and I will certainly recommend Best Crystal to my friends. It is nice to have the reassurance when you are ordering online.  Just a note to let you know that my gift has been delivered on time and my daughter is thrilled with her Waterford vase. Thank you again for your great service. Thank You,
Dorothy M.

Thank you for expediting my order.  Great service and much appreciated. Best,
Kevin M.

I just wanted you all to know that your customer service and fast shipping is amazing!  I will definitely use you all again if I need some crystal!  Thanks so much!!!
Ginger B.

Judith J.

Thank you for this great news!  I really appreciate all you have done to keep me informed on the status of this lamp.  Your company is awesome.  I look forward to doing business with Best Crystal again soon.
Claudia D.

Many thanks for your help! Here is the picture of the Waterford Crystal glasses that we have here. I would be so grateful if you can find replacements for me... Thanks again,
Erica M.

I received the shipment, and the Allegra wine glasses were perfect!  I am keeping them.  You folks sell a great product, and I have been very happy with the customer service that I have received.  Your professionalism and dedication are very much appreciated! Thank you,
Adria P.

I sincerely wish I had the name of the woman that facilitated the purchase I made with your company.  I told my co-workers she was one of the most professional, gracious and helpful sales personnel with whom I have ever worked.  I congratulate you for her representation of your company.  She was most helpful, courteous and expedient!  Thank you very much! 
Sally H.

Thanks again.  You have been a pleasure and joy to work with.  Please share my comments with your manager because the company is very fortunate to have you on their team. Best wishes,
Ernestina B.

Thank you again for your assistance.  I am placing your company's website in my "favorites" because I will certainly want to do business with you in the future.  I appreciate your help.  Regards,
Linda N.

Thank you.  I'll make it a point to put your company on my favorites list.  Best regards,
Gregg T.

Hello There!  We just visited your website...beautiful and exquisite products.  If you need a gift and can't find it there then it doesn't exist.
Doreen & Lisa

Thank you for the follow-up and for the extra consideration.  I am very pleased with the assistance I have received from Best Crystal, and we will definitely be back when it is time to complete the wine glasses.  Thanks again...
Chuck H.

You are a godsend!!!!!  As you know I purchased a large group of the Merrill Waterford Crystal and also china from you a few years ago for a wedding present for my niece. In the past two weeks I have been going crazy wondering where I put the URL for your website as I have a nephew that will be getting married in August and wished to do the same for him! I was absolutely sick as it appeared that I had lost your company forever!!!!!! So thank you for the email I will check to see if any more of the crystal is needed and for taking away the anguish I had over losing you! 
Susan K.

Received the order this morning and it is absolutely gorgeous!  Thank you for all your help and (our) Rotary Club and all of our members WILL be doing business with you again.
Donna S. & Rachael H.

I just wanted to let you know that doing business with your company was excellent.  The website was comprehensive and easy to use, the ordering system flawless, delivery was as promised and the price was right.  Thanks for doing what you say you do!
Matt C.

Good Morning!  Thank you so much for offering such beautiful items and dealing with customers on a very personal level!  Thanks for the info!  I'm looking forward to receiving my TWO buffet lamps!  I received my Lismore Accent lamp the other day and it is just perfect in the spot I had reserved for it.  In the fall, I got the Kinsale floor lamp - what a treasure!  I had some friends over for the Christmas holidays and they admired it so much!  …Thank you again so much....have you ever compared your prices with the Waterford items shipped directly from Ireland…?  Can't beat Best Crystal!
Pat K.

You are marvelous to work with.  Thank you!
Miriam R.

Thank you very much. Your actions clearly show an "above and beyond" customer service attitude.
Richard B.

We ordered eight place settings of Waterford china for our daughter and "son-in-law-to-be" for a wedding gift just this past Saturday.  Today is Tuesday and the boxes have already been delivered!  Thank you for such prompt and great service!  I have been pleased with your service in the past, which is one reason we chose to order from your company again, for such an important occasion...thank you so much!  I would recommend your company to anyone! Sincerely,
Margaret M.

Hello! I registered for my wedding china on, and your customer service was amazing. First of all, you offered my china pattern in open stock, so I could register for only the plates that I wanted, and not have to get the cup and saucer that were part of with the 5-piece place setting. I also registered at Bed, Bath & Beyond, and while they had my pattern, they only sold it in 5-piece place settings, so I didn't register for it there. Your reps were also very helpful on the phone explaining to me about how my guests could order, and even checking inventory for me (my pattern was already discontinued when I registered for it.)  Thanks for helping me get all the china I need to make my table beautiful!  Sincerely,
Kerry B.

Hello -- Your package containing the previously out-of-stock item (from the above referenced order) arrived on my doorstep last night.  What a nice surprise!  I had a ‘follow-up’ notice scheduled on my calendar for March 1st so your timing was perfect.  The Waterford cake server is lovely and I couldn’t be more pleased.  Thank you following up on this particular piece for me.  Your service is excellent; it’s always a pleasure doing business with you.  Regards,
Penny U.

I received everything except the hock crystal glasses yesterday -- and I just wanted to say thank you for such speedy and efficient service.  You guys really are good.
Lisa R.

Thank you so much.  Really appreciate the great customer service. 
Mike K.

I have been very happy with your service. I have been going to Macy’s for years because that is where we registered but I find your service and prices doesn’t compare.  Thank you again.
Rich M.

Thank you for your prompt assistance in this matter. It is greatly appreciated.
Jennifer  M.

I think your customer service team is great.  I placed my order over the internet and had additional questions, which the phone service team answered.  I was even able to get the package delivered straight from New Jersey, saving me valuable delivery time.  I flubbed on my internet order, and the phone team was able to forward me the tracking details on my package.  I got my package before January 1, which was precisely when I needed it.  Your teams provide wonderful service, and are friendly to boot.  Best wishes for a health and happy 2007!
Josephine M.


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