Customer Comments - 2006

At Best Crystal, we strive for excellent customer service. We have received so many appreciative comments about our service that we decided to share some of them. Thank all of you who have taken the time to write and call. We appreciate your feedback and your business. We will keep working hard to provide Best Crystal customers with the best customer service.

I understand.  Thanks for you reply, I do appreciate it. I also appreciate the call.
FYI: I am the Director of Technology Support at a university and am on the strategic advisory board for the Helpdesk Institute.  I tell you that so that you know when I say I appreciate the time and care that you guys took addressing my issue and I think you did a great job with your customer service.  Thanks,
Charles M.

How wonderful are you!!!!!!!!!!  I shall be a return customer...thanks ever so much.  Merry Christmas!
Judith S.

Thank you so much, I appreciate you doing all this in the midst of all this.  Again, thank you for all that you are doing.
Miriam R.

Thank you so much for your very pleasant reply.  You explained everything to me and I appreciate you taking the time to do so. 
Nance C.

I got it (my order). Thanks, it was everything I was expecting. Glad to do business with you.
Mary M.

Thank you and I am sure I will be ordering from you in the future.  The occasion we had ordered for did not take place.  I appreciate your timeliness in getting the order to me. 

Merry Christmas to you and your family!
Sharon J.

I really do appreciate your response. Thanks again for such promptness. We will use your system in the future.
John T.

Excellent!  This is seriously the fastest turnaround I've ever gotten to an email service request.
Brandon B.

The china came, I unpacked it and it is all just fine. It was great doing business with you, I will keep you in my address book. Have a great Christmas!
Barbara M.

Thank you so much for your prompt service. I am ordering this on behalf of the President of our Company, and he will be very pleased with your service and the prompt delivery.
Cathy G.

Thank you.  I look forward to displaying this unusual (to my eye at least) and simple piece.   Heck, I needed a treat and this Presage bowl "fills the bill" perfectly.  Thanks again for the TERRIFIC customer service and happy C'mas to you all!  Thanks!
Mark F.

Just wanted to say Thank You.  First purchase and quick service, free shipping and received the Waterford letter opener in 4 days.  Can’t wait to buy something else. Thank you.
Connie M.

Thank you so much for your speedy response!  Erica was very helpful.  I greatly appreciate her efforts to ensure that the Christmas presents were delivered today.  What a relief!  Thank you so much!
Colleen C.

Just wanted to take a moment to let you folks at Best Crystal know that it was a complete pleasure doing business with you! From placing my telephone order ( a Christmas gift for a good friend) with extremely helpful sales associates, to being able to track my order on line, and most importantly, receiving my order exactly when I was told, I couldn't help but re-order 4 more beautiful Waterford glasses for myself!!  I will be using Best Crystal again for myself, for fine gifts, and will recommend you to all my family and friends! Thank you,
Pamela G.

Thank you for your very courteous service on the phone this morning.  The information for the order is correct.  Happy Holidays.
Chris W.

Thank you so very much.  Many times on Internet inquiries, you ask a question and never get a response.  You’re great!  Thank you again.     
Kathy K.

Thank you for all of your help. You are sooo helpful. It is rare now days to find someone that cares. I am going to see what other things you have to offer and try to place more orders with you.
Connie G.

Thank you very much...I really appreciate the prompt service.
Carrie L.

Just a quick note to say Thank You!
China arrived today as promised.  I’ll be back J
Bill B.

Thank You so much. You have been great to work with!
Julie Beth A

I cannot thank you enough for your time and trouble.  If I need any other Waterford crystal, your company will be the first I check with. 
Teresa N

Thank you so much for your quick response.
Yvonne B

Thank you so much for the extra mile service and help! I really appreciate it and will follow up with Waterford.
Rex V

Excellent customer service, would do business again.  I placed an order on 9/21 and I received it 3 days later, what service!  I thought it would take a few weeks before I received my order, this was for a wedding present on 9/30.  Received well packaged.
Olga F

Thank you for the help.  The pictures are great. 
Carolyn P

Thanks… I appreciate such a prompt reply - and the good news it brings.
Eileen G

I am super impressed with your service. Received my order today (ordered it on Tuesday). Your company is great. I will definitely use it again plus recommend it to all my friends. Thank you.
Jeanne C

Thank you very much for your time.  I appreciate the information and  it really helps in figuring out the situation. Sincerely,
Renee J

Thank you so much for everything.  When and if I ever order any of this type crystal again, you can be sure I will remember YOU!  Also, I will spread the word throughout Florida Farm Bureau of your proficiency in handling our order.  Thanks again for EVERYTHING!
Joyce D

Thank you for the update, I appreciate your thoughtfulness. 
Colleen V

Thanks for letting me know…  It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks!
Diane S

Thank you for the help with the Waterford bowl.  My brother said it arrived in good shape.  I'm sure the bride and groom will like it as much as I do!
Evelyn N

We received our order of Waterford Crystal on Friday 8/4/06 (as promised), and we just wanted to take a moment to compliment you on your excellent service.  In these times when nobody seems to care about service, you have impressed us beyond words. Other web sites quoted delivery times of six months to a year for the Waterford Crystal! You, on the other hand, answered all our questions in a profession, courteous and timely manner, and when we placed the order, shipped them out the same day! Well done! We could not let this type of service pass without recognizing it. Again, great job and thank you.
John C

Recently I purchased some crystal stemware as a shower present for my cousin.  The person that I spoke with on the phone to place the order was very nice and very helpful.  The order arrived as she predicted it would.  It was packaged very well and the wrapping was just beautiful.  When I arrived at the shower, there were tables full of presents.  I was a very afraid that someone else may have purchased the same thing.  Well, I was nervous for no reason.  She received many great gifts, but at the end it was me that she came to thank first.  I had brought the best wedding shower present!  So, great big thanks to the woman on the phone who helped me and to the company for having just what was needed and at the right price. Thank you,
Kimberly B

I am absolutely delighted with the service provided by Best Crystal and wanted you to know that.
Chris D

Wanted to let you know that the Nambe Spinnaker 14” bowl arrived on time…  Thank you.  I will be using you all again.  This is the first time I just went with an internet company. 
Shelley K

Thank you very much for your prompt reply. It is refreshing to see customer service in action.
John J

Thanks for your help!  …I really appreciate it and will call you in the future. Best regards,

Thank you so much for checking.  It is heartwarming to know that there are “people” behind your site that are so thorough and pleasant.  The fact that you went to the trouble of checking the other sites instead of “tough snot – take it or leave it” impressed me. 

I can’t wait till the flutes arrive, and look forward to doing business with you in the future.  I’ve been doing “special” toasting flutes for special couples for 37 years accompanied by a special card I’ve written – never a dry eye in the house when they’re opened.  Now it’s my daughter’s turn – thanks for being there – glad I found you!
Shirley R

Awesome.  Thank You.  It was a pleasure ordering with you.
Maura W

I never order China/Crystal on line but I decided to try my luck on the web and I am happy to say that your service was much more than I expected.  My order reached Brownsboro, AL and the recipient was absolutely delighted.  She told me how well you all had packaged it and how beautifully wrapped it was as well.  The call to me on confirmation of address was very much appreciated.  Your e-mail is now in my Try First Address Listing.  Thank you again!
Sherry S

Thank you for taking care of this for me.  I look forward to shopping with Best Crystal in the future.
Rodger M

Thanks so much! I've been trying to find a nice decanter set for days, the right price and ability to ship soon. I so appreciate this!!!! Thank you.
Lisa M

Thank you for keeping me informed.
Linda G

You are the BEST!  My friend already received the order and thanked me. I wish all Internet businesses would operate like you.  By the way, I was in Ireland two months ago and found that the prices of Waterford were the same as yours…  I showed them your price list and they couldn't do any better.  …Tell your customers this fact.  I've checked out the entire Internet as I have friends that collect and you are wonderful.  Satisfied,
Allura D

Thanks you for your help and quick response.  Placing future orders is definitely an option.  Thanks again.
Terri A

You're the best!  I really didn't know how I was going to find out for sure.  Thanks a bunch! …I really appreciate your help with this!!!!
Nancy V

Thank you for your response, I appreciate it! …Thanks again for letting me know.
Colleen S

I buy online quite frequently, and I'd like your company to know that I appreciate your attention to detail on your website.  Also, for some reason, my transaction seemed very personal and handled with care.  I believe is a class act!  I just thought you should know that this is the first time in "cyberspace" that I felt like I was really dealing with great people... Sincerely,
Marilyn R

Thank you so much for taking care of all of this... I really do appreciate your help.
Brenda B

Thank you for your quick reply!  I received the shipping notification.  I am impressed with your customer service thus far and I can't say that for many websites that I've purchased merchandise from. Thanks again!
Brooke L

Thank you!!! REALLY appreciate the wonderful service!!!
Mike C

I received my Waterford Siren wine glasses this morning, they are beautiful!  Thank for all of your help and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.
Bob C

Your service is so great the shipment was already at my door when I got home today, before I read your shipment notification! Great job.
Denise M

Thank you. Great service, great quick delivery and beautiful gift wrap.  I will surely recommend you to others. Thanks.
Fran P

Thank you for taking responsibility and understanding!  I did receive the return label and will send it back on Monday.  I’ll gladly do business with you in the future because of the professional manner you handled this...  Thanks and have a nice day.
Patricia W

I really appreciate your response - Best Crystal must be a very wonderful company to work for because not all companies would be so accommodating - thanks again for all your help and I'll keep you posted
- Regards,
Paula L

That is great news!! - I am so happy with your attention to my problem - thanks for "taking the ball and running with it!"  I can't wait to get the new part and ease my conscience... Thanks so much!
Jody E

Hi, the second cross arrived this morning.  Thank you again for responding so quickly and effectively to resolve the problem.  Your customer service is excellent.
Susan S

I just wanted to thank Best Crystal for the most stunningly beautiful crystal chandelier I've ever had in my home. It is gorgeous. I'm glad I had an electrician put it together as when I opened the box shipped directly from Waterford, it was a complete puzzle to me, but once assembled and hung...OH's breathtakingly beautiful with just the right amount of flash. The Waterford crystal is so pure, that it looks like ice, which even in regular daylight is stunning. I love it.
Matthew P

I can not tell you how excited I am to be able to purchase the lone ornament of the Pied Piper we are without. Thank you so very much and sorry to have missed your phone call the other day. Your quick response and attention to customer service is without a doubt the best I have encountered from any business in years. Seriously! Sincerely,
Beverly H

Thank You for doing the return. I am enjoying my other two pieces of crystal, and will use Best Crystal again when I want to buy more!
Leanne L

I received my Waterford floor lamp about 10 days ago. I love it-- it's beautiful. I want to thank you for taking my phone calls and reassuring me that I would receive the lamp and encouraging me to remain on the list! The wait was longer than I anticipated but the lamp made it worth it. My family and friends love it. I told them to place their orders before March 1! I hope you receive a raise for your well mannered phone conversations and your great sales ability! Thanks again,
Julie B

Thank you for such a pleasant shopping experience.  You know I will be back.  You girls actually know your inventory, etc. No big stores (Macy's) for me.  I much prefer working with you.
Eugenia M

Thank you so much!  We will certainly order from your company again.
Gail P

Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the wonderful service. I ordered my lamps Monday morning and they were here on Thursday before lunch! They are just gorgeous! Well packaged, great price, fast service. I could not ask for anything more.
Claudia D

I just wanted to let you know that the order was worth waiting for.  The recipients of my gifts were thrilled & said even the wrapping was beautiful.  I appreciated your constant updates regarding the backorder status and thank you for having such a concerned customer service department.
Sandra M

Thanks for your PROMPT reply.  It is very helpful and much appreciated.
Teri A

I wanted to write and say thank you for such excellent service, my order arrived today safe and sound only 3 days after placing the order.  They are a gift for my daughter to use as her toasting flutes at her wedding, she is thrilled with them. Thank you again,
Gill H

Beautiful lamps, good service, good price matching. Thank you.
Richard G

I received it and all is well. Thank you very much for everything. A+ for customer service and satisfaction.
David P

This is to thank you for the two Waterford Lismore Balloon Wine Glasses that I purchased for my sister in Oregon this past week. She was so delighted to receive these beautiful glasses and it will be such a perfect reminder of the cruise we recently enjoyed together. Thank you for your prompt service, your lovely gift wrapping, free shipping and very prompt delivery. All of this made the gift even more special. Thank you!       
Corinne P

Thanks for the nice note in regards to my order of the Kinsale lamp - doesn't it figure that something that you want is out of stock?  But...I think it is beautiful and can wait until it arrives.  Have a nice day!
Pat K
PS   Your web site is very informative and presents your items very well!

Thanks so much for your great customer service is refreshing.  I certainly will remember that when I buy another 8 goblets for my son and daughter-in-law for their next anniversary. 
John G

Just wanted to thank you for your excellent service and delivery... I received my crystal goblets in perfect condition and for a great price too...thanks much!
Amy S

Just wanted you to know that the new lampshade came last Thursday, and its perfect.  The seam on the rib is in the back and everything looks beautiful.  I have received dozens of compliments on the lamps over the last few months and I have recommended your firm to everyone.  Thanks so much for all the attention you gave to my order.  I'm thrilled.
Jan C

Thanks so much and I will remember Best Crystal when I go shopping again.
Roberta W

Just wanted you to know that I received the UPS shipping label and have dropped the 2 Araglin 14 ounce old fashioned glasses at the UPS store in Cumberland, RI for return delivery to you. 
Thank you for taking care of the situation, and for making it easy!
Kathleen C

Thank you so much for getting the lamp to my folks-They love it so much and plan to call you to order another one just like it.  Thank you for such wonderful service and being so kind.  We will most definitely order from you again. HAPPY NEW YEAR
Tracy B

Thanks very much for this information.  I have been telling all my friends about your web site and the fantastic service! Happy New Year!
Lynda J


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