Customer Comments - 2003

At Best Crystal, we strive for excellent customer service. We have received so many appreciative comments about our service that we decided to share some of them. Thank all of you who have taken the time to write and call. We appreciate your feedback and your business. We will keep working hard to provide Best Crystal customers with the best customer service.

I appreciate you responding to my inquiry so quickly. It's easy to tell you really do enjoy your position. Either that, or you are just professional at everything you do. Again, thank you for the information, And Happy New Year!
Gail P

Thank you very much. Everyone is very impressed with my chandelier at Christmas.
Carol B

I want to commend you for excellent service. I received my order very quickly.
Patricia H

Thank you for the fine service provided by Amy. I appreciate the cheerful attitude and help. Happy Holidays!
Brad B

Thank you very much… I will definitely purchase from you again. You will probably see me order again next February. Thanks,
Mike M

I really appreciate your prompt service. Have a Happy Holiday season!
Tom O

I received a box from your company yesterday. I opened it to find a Nambe bowl packed very neatly and carefully. The gift was wrapped beautifully -with a note typed inside a fold over note card. Your service stood out to me, and I thought I would write to tell you how happy I feel about getting something presented so nicely.
Carrie F

I just wanted to write about my experience with Best Crystal. I was looking around the Internet and was a little nervous about ordering from the site… I sent an email off to Best Crystal to see if the items were in stock. This was on Sunday night. To my surprise, within an hour or so, Kevin responded saying that you had some items and could probably get the remainder in time for the holiday. I waited another day and decided to place the order. Within 2 days the order arrived!

I was quite excited. There's something about being able to buy crystal. It's a sign that you've reached a different level in life. In any case, I unwrapped the glasses. All items were fine except for 1 broken stem. I called today. I received the voice message saying everyone was busy; leave info, get call back. There was no press 1 for x, press 2 for zz. Just a quick message. Within 10 minutes, someone actually called back! Amy was great. Within moments, she was taking steps to ship a new stem.

I've enjoyed this shopping experience. You've got some great people on your end. Give 'em a bonus. I'll continue to purchase items from Best Crystal. Thanks again and happy holidays.
Stef Z

Perfect! I appreciate your good service!
Marsha B

I just wanted to thank you for in fact providing the service your website said you would. Today I received the Waterford crystal frame that I ordered--right on time! I had called other suppliers and was told it was impossible to get that same exact frame until February of 2004, but you had it sent to me directly from Waterford within days of my order! I will definitely think of you first for future purchases.
Jennifer B

I have several friends who shop with you; they have been very happy with your quality and service and recommend your store…
Kerry W

My order arrived in great condition on Dec. 5, as promised. Thank you, I'm very happy with your company, and my crystal!
Ellen S

We received our order today and are very pleased with your service. We will definitely be doing business with you again in the future. Thanks again,
Dan H

The order arrived on schedule. I will be happy to order from you again when buying crystal.
Margaret E

Thank you. You company has great service and I am very grateful.
Andrew B

Thanks so much for all of your help… whenever I need anything of the kind, I will come back to Best Crystal. Thanks again,
Janet P

Customer Services has been excellent. Thank you.
Janet R

I just finished my last class and found your e-mail! I am relieved the package has been delivered, and on time. I thank you for all your assistance in getting this to happen. Other companies would not have responded so quickly, and time was an important issue… I certainly will refer my friends and family to your company... I am guessing Best Crystal is a small company, because a Macy's-type organization would have too many layers to actually get anything done for the customer in a timely manner. Thanks again, Kevin.
Peggy M

I received my crystal today!! Very fast shipping and great customer service!!! Thank you so much!!
Carol V

Again, thank you for your great service.
Rosemary B

Thank you so much for going out of your way to help me. I guarantee that my next Waterford purchase will be with Best Crystal. Please forward this to your boss so he or she will know that you are doing an extraordinary job.
Glena R

Thank you for your assistance and prompt customer service. I look forward to shopping with you again.
Carol K

I am a very happy customer!!!
Tim M

Thank you so much for catching that I had mistakenly ordered the item twice! You will definitely have our business again.
Mary Beth D

Thank you for your professional "due diligence" in trying to help me, I will call you at Best Crystal for any other Waterford need. Thank you,
Jonathan G

Your personalized service is remarkable! Thank you!
Linda K


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